Can you hear it? Can you hear the FUN?

"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" - Friedrich Nietzsche

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Select Your dance

Is fun the only thing missing in your life? Select the dance you want to learn and let the FUN begin.

Get your sensors ready!

Wear the sensors you already have or subscribe to our monthly payment to get your free set of wearables!

Get the dancing shoes on!

Unleash your inner dancer with our state-of-the-art and revolutionary Machine Learning algorithm.

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Tehnical Demo

How the data is analyzed via Machine Learning using data from experts and compared to Amateur. We use both visual data and data from IMUs.

Salsa Dance

Mans got to Dance!

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Prices to Dance for . . .

An offer you just cannot refuse


$ 299 / Lifetime
  • All that Dance
  • All that Lifetime
  • Analytics over lifetime
Lets get Dancing

I am not sure yet . . .

$ 1.99 / Month
  • Access anytime and anywhere
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Limited to 5 Dance styles
I want this now . . .

The bestseller . . .

$ 2.99 / Monthly
  • Get all the sensors sent to you home
  • unlimited Dance style access
  • Cancel time
The best tool to learn my dance moves and become a master like me.

Michael Jackson

King of Pop

Team Dance Monkey

The best team ever!

Asif Nadeem

Electrical Engineer

The magician that makes hardware come alive!

Aqeel Arshad

Embedded Engineer

The magician that makes hardware talk to software!

Habib Paracha

Principal Software Architect

The magician who teaches the machines to learn!

Ayesha Jamil

Software Engineer

The magician that makes software come alive!

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Built With Launchaco